We make advertising
ridiculously easy for you.


Leaving a lasting impression on your clients is a must. Having a solid, easily recognizable, yet unique logo will set you apart from your competition and keep your company on the top of customer’s minds.


Your website will be the first place most customers go to find out more info about your company. We make sure to create custom websites that are simple to navigate and reflect your hard work.

TV & Video

Being on the big screen is the fastest way to gain recognition. We can shoot a professional grade commercial for you, or splice together footage you may have of your product or services, creating a lasting impact on viewers.

Direct Mail

Want to saturate an entire city with invitations to your next event? We’ve got you covered. We design custom direct mail pieces with solid results, mailed to a large area or targeting specific customers - your choice.

Media Buying

We can make your name visible during the most popular TV shows and sporting events - everything from Football, to Good Morning America, and everything in between.

Print Advertising

Want to see your name in the morning paper? We offer a large array of options for print advertising and customization to ensure that your customers continue to see your name as often as possible.

Web Advertising

There are plenty of ways for your customers to see your name online, even away from your website. Whether it’s seeing your ad on Facebook, or having your website show up first on a Google search, we offer solid Web Advertising that works.


Sometimes bouncing ideas off of a knowledgeable professional is all it takes to get a jumpstart on your motivation and plan-of-action. Give us a call to see how we can help make your business push forward.

Analytic Services

Seeing how your customers make contact with your company can play a vital role in future advertising. We can show you how & when your customers interact with you online, giving you plenty of marketing ammunition.

With an ace marketing director and dynamic design team, we’ve helped build startup companies and restructure corporations. Whether you’re looking for slick branding or to simply get your name out there, we have the experience and resources to do it for you.

After receiving her Marketing and Business Management Degree in 1993, Michelle was hired as the Media Director at a South Florida advertising agency. After 14 years, Michelle founded her own advertising agency in the Treasure Coast; AdGirl Creative, inc. The agency started off servicing local car dealers, but as a small business with limitless talent, the clientele drastically expanded.

We offer all of our clients a wide spectrum of services. Don't take our word for it, see what our clients say about us.